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Castles & Cliffs Tour

Belfast Castle_web-size_2500x1200px.jpg

On this tour, you'll visit Belfast and Carrickfergus castles and drive along the World famous Antrim Coast Road and walk part of the cliff path. Your qualified guide is a local historian will take you to two castles built 700 years apart. You'll start at Belfast Castle, once home to the Donegall family. before visiting Norman Carrickfergus Castle. You'll then travel along the Coast Road, visiting towns and castles along the way and learn about the ancient Kingdom of Dalriada. Hear about the Ulster emigrants who influenced the U.S. War of Independence as well as the U.S. Presidency and walk the Ulster Appalachian Way.  Contact Rodney Ferguson on +44 (0) 7785 738861 for further details or email

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